Saturday, February 7, 2009


Please forgive the mess while I get this place underway.

I'm a typical WoW player with some experience at hardcore raiding (six, seven nights a week).  Nothing cutting-edge I grant you, mostly Tier 4 and 5 content, but with the changes Wrath brought I'm seeing guilds trying to raid or raid consistently and making some of the same mistakes.  Hopefully my experiences and observations will keep you from making those mistakes while allowing you to pioneer all new mistakes.  :)

The title of my page comes from the fact that I have three toons with the Champion of the Naaru title.  I've done raid dps as a Beast Mastery Hunter, raid healing as a Holy Priest, and raid tanking as a Feral Druid.  I've done each as a raid progression member (including main tank raid progression) and as quite a bit of raid farming to help people bring up their toons to the raid levels.

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