Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I've been trying to hit up a flashpoint everyday with my smuggler to get the daily planetary commendations. (Having a lot of adaptive gear creates that hunger for the leveling mods, dontcha know? :)) As I've been reaching the conversations pitstops I noticed that I was waiting on the rest of my instance group to reach the response tree. Having played since the beginning I had gotten used to everyone hitting the space bar to get through the conversation as fast as possible. Grab those social points and go, go, go.

At first, I figured the other people were likely the casual f2p players being in the instance for the first time. Later I realized when folks were buffing me with all four buffs everyone now seems to be actually watching the events, even the long term subscribers. I don't know when people's behavior changed, but this is a welcome improvement as far as I'm concerned. Having and enjoying the story in the flashpoints is part of the fun and I had missed it during the spacebar-at-all-costs era.


  1. I've generally found that people will listen to the conversations in levelling flashpoints and spacebar in hardmodes, which I think is fair enough.

  2. I haven't run hardmodes for a few months. With the gear reset of the new expansion coming I just haven't bothered now that I'm back actively playing swtor. That does make sense. Enjoy the leveling storylines and when you're just farming push through the flashpoints.