Monday, January 18, 2016

Silliness from the official SWTOR forums

From a twitter post by Ness The Happy:

I was amused by the pro-story, anti-raiding post in the Star Wars: The Old Republic general forums mentioned in the tweet (original here

It is so earnestly over the top that I couldn't resist a bit of fun satire. I was tempted to post this in the above thread, but given forum posters I figured it was better posted here than adding any possible fuel to trollish fires there.

Story content has been in decline for years. The obvious reality that single player participation in story in this game does not justify the cost, so by focusing on multilevel difficulty operations and more inclusive, smaller scale PvP, there is much greater potential than trying and failing to get people to replay the exact same story arc.
If single player story participation does not increase as a results of 4.0, where all story content was nerfed from eight stories to two (in 2.0) to one (3.0 & on), companions buffed to do the fighting for you, the ability to level 1 to 65 in your starter gear with no advanced class, then just write it off and focus on the content that people do want to participate in, the 'MMO bits'.
Let the metrics guide you, don't listen to an over-represented vocal minority anymore. That's what got you guys into the revenue decline mess in the first place - listening to single player story content locusts over the much larger group of people who want the group content MMO are uniquely known for.
Please don't relapse into what you did in RotHC, SoR, and especially KotFE. Return to the glory days of Vanilla when everyone had it all.

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